Tuesday, 2 April 2013

1) My favourite band, Warpaint, announces a Glasgow date in October 2) Dog Zak just chilling 3) A well deserved drink after a hectic shift at Yates 4) An attempt at highlighting my hair (that failed) 5) My birthday cake! 6) My birthday night out with my new Celine (fake, obv) t-shirt and statement necklaces (plain & chunky chain necklace - primark, gold chain necklace with jewels - miss selfridge) 7) Purchased Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara and Daughter's new album 8) Wearing converses to a club with my grey jersey midi skirt

Over the past week I have had uni deadlines and constant work, and then on Sunday it was my birthday! I turned 19 and spent it out on Saturday up in Glasgow before having my actual birthday at Word Up (which was mobbed for Easter Sunday). I was spoiled rotten by my family and friends, and now I'm spending this week relaxing and shopping!

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  1. Lovely photos! Love the Celine tee, even though it is a fake, who can tell, right? Ha ;)



    1. Thank you!:) Haha exactly! It's from Etsy and costed about £12 including p+p! :)

      Amy x

    2. Oooh I'll have a gander on Etsy. What a bargain! x