Sunday, 24 March 2013

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On Friday 22nd March, a brand spanking new Buchanan Quarter had it's grand opening. Stores including Vans, Sketchers, Office, Fat Face - but the real attraction of the day was the huge, 3 floor Forever 21.

People queued outside at 6am in the snow and super ice cold wind for the grand opening at 10am. Myself and a friend from university attended after class at 12am and it was absolutely mobbed! 

I have never bought/ don't regularly shop on the Forever 21 site, so I didn't know what to expect. However, I have shopped there in America regularly when I was on holiday.

The opening was great, there was a lot of customers, loud music, free manicures if you spent over £50 and we spotted the lovely Nina Nesbitt sporting out her lovely tanned legs in denim shorts, blazers and western cowboy jacket. She got some photos with some fans near the bottom of the stairs and we also seen her leave with her guitar - so we assumed she played some songs earlier. (picture above)

I never knew where to look - the massive 3 floors all stocked ladies clothes. The one thing I felt negatively about this store was that it failed it's visuals performance. I felt there wasn't an evident split of the trends - it was just a mix all over the 3 floors, meaning for example if I was looking for evening wear I would have to look all over each and every floor. There would be a small wall of smartwear, another of evening, another of casual, jersey, denim, etc; but it was spread amongst these floors. It would be much easier if all of denim stock and visuals were on one floor, evening wear stock one one, etc.

Now for prices; my theory was it was going to be around Topshop/Zara range, as it was such an American based store. Urban Outfitters and American Apparel for example, it is cheap in the USA, but for the stock over here it is much more expensive. However, you'll be surprised to hear the prices were much better than I thought! Corsets and bralets started at just £8.99, leather jackets at £34.99, and jersey tops roughly below the £20 mark.

I would recommend visiting the store, but only if you don't mind a super busy store and plenty of time to look all over the multiple massive floors.

If you need anything, you'll know where to get it now!

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  1. In Manchester, we had a Forever21 launch too some time last year but it's only 1 floor!

    I do like Forever21's Jewellery display, I always end up buying jewellery everytime I'm in there.



    1. Wow! They must be spreading out the UK now!

      Ahhhh it's gorgeous isn't it? :) I love the wee baskets you get to carry your jewellery in!

      Amy x