Wednesday, 3 April 2013

1) Chanel Perfection Lumière Flawless Fluid Makeup (40 Beige) 2) Lierac Huile Sensorielle Hydration 24H for face, body and hair 3) Ted Baker Body Lotion 4) Girlz Only Dry Shampoo (Hazy Days) 5) Gatineau Defi Lift 3D Revolumising lip care 6) Models Prefer - Your Best Friend automatic eye pencil 7) Ray Bans Aviator Sunglasses 8) Topshop Velvet Lipstick (Innocent) 9) Mally Blush (Pink Nectar)

I thought I would write a post on my Go-To items that are a must for carrying about with me when I'm on the go. 

My Chanel Perfection Lumière Flawless Fluid Makeup is my absolute favourite foundation - I got this for Christmas and there is still plenty left! It doesn't cake yourself and the colour is not too orangey. It's formula is perfect for my skin - as it abolishes all the shininess from my face whilst giving a lovely glow. 

My new and favourite product is the Lierac Huile Sensorielle Hydration 24H (picture also below). It's a lovely and gorgeous oil for your face, body and even to run through your hair. The smell is so fresh and summery, and is very subtle and not too strong. It's perfect for Spring/Summer, and makes your skin look incredibly refreshed. 

The Ted Baker Body Lotion is just a lotion I carry around for my hands - I love the smell and it's so small, and moisturizes my hands whilst I'm out.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of Batiste's products as they make my hair sticky. Instead, I go for Girlz Only Dry Shampoo as it takes to my hair much better. It makes your hair super thick as well and adds instant volume, without that horrible feeling of product build up in your roots. I use this to quickly  top up my hair during the day or out at night.

Recently over Winter (which has just left us about a few days ago) my lips were in such a bad condition. I actually cut my lip deeply because my lips were so dry, and whenever I was out the cold air would open it up again (which was incredibly sore!). As usual, I saw on QVC this Gatineau Defi Lift 3D Revolumising lip care, in which they had mentioned that this treatment repairs lips and keeping them in very good condition. I needed a new lip treatment anyway, and so far it has been successful! I love it and will last me over the summer as well.

I only ever use two products for my eyebrows, the Braun Eyeshadow Palette (after receiving at free sample at a Makeup Fair and never looking back!) and  the Models Prefer - Your Best Friend automatic eye pencil. I am a huge fan of Models Prefer - and after seeing this on Amazon about a year ago I purchased the duo. It is the perfect colour for my brows - and my Mum also lived off of this before she got her eyebrows tattooed! I always draw on the ends of my brows with this as it rubs off slighly during the day,

My beloved Ray Bans Aviator Sunglasses are perfect when the unpredictable Scottish weather brings out the sun! Especially when I'm driving and need to see.

I love the colour of my Topshop Velvet Lipstick in Innocent, as it goes with almost any outfit. I always carry it other than any other of my lipsticks. However, the texture is super super soft and velvety and I can feel disappearing every time I apply it.

My all time favourite blusher is the Mally Blusher in Pink Nectar. I always top up my cheeks with the tiniest amount so give myself a little colour.

                              Lierac Huile Sensorielle Hydration 24H for face, body and hair

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  1. The Topshop lipstick is so beautiful! I definitely need it in my life! <33 Great post hun!

    I am having an International Giveaway on my blog and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win Chanel lipstick and some Maybelline goodies! :))


  2. That Topshop lipstick is probably my favourite out of my entire collection. So wearable, gorgeous.

    Kirsty, xo
    - Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos

  3. This is such a good post, I love how you've showed us your essentials on the go. I would love to try the foundation :D

    I invite you to have a look at a new section on my blog: Shop My Closet

  4. Wow! I feel pretty just seeing these marvelous things.
    That lipstick is the exact color I want to buy next.

    Peace, Love, and Good Chocolate,

    Paris //
    instagram: @charcoalalley