Thursday, 3 January 2013

eBay Winter Essentials

1) On eBay, this skirt looked like it was made from nylon spandex and very thin/droopy, however I liked the skater effect from it. However, fresh from the post, it didn't! The material is very thick and has that lovely ripple effect - perfect with a jumper and fur stole during the day or maybe a sparkly or embellished top for night time!

2) These look exactly like the Topshop Alvin boots, and after my previous pair from La Redoute falling to pieces, I needed a new pair of boots asap. These seemed too cheap and wondered if the material was strong enough to last - but after wearing them after a few all day shifts on a shop floor they seem capable to fight against the weather. They aren't sore either after wearing them all day!

3) My friend has posted about this jacket and I fell in love whilst it was on offer. It was from China (haha) but came within a week and at first I wasn't so sure about it. However, after wearing it out a few times and adding my fur stole on it, I wear it everywhere! It would look lovely with the skater skirt and boots or the the spikey loafers I own - and another option from wearing my leather jacket constantly!

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