Thursday, 20 December 2012

Winter boots SOS? Skint from your Christmas shopping?

We all know it - it's 5 days till Christmas and it's shopping madness. Everyone is cramming in their final presents, and even though it's payday tomorrow; it's a 6 week next month so (I know) for a fact we'll be quite tight on money.  I bought my winter boots well prepared back in October - however they are shredded to bits all ready from walking through grit and rain. So if you're like me, need a new decent pair of boots but hopelessly skint - here's some ideas I have found!


I am in love with these boots (Lily Melrose owns a pair) and whilst working in Debenhams I had found out they were on high demand. Topshop's usual leather shoes last quite long and have a vintage feel to them, however for £90 I think it's asking for a bit too much, so I have found a similar pair.

 I found these on Ebay whilst browsing for a decent pair of boots, and are incredibly similar to the Alvin boots, but for a third of the price! The only difference is these have a tongue, and the Alvins are all one piece, the heel isn't as high (more comfortable than Topshop, presumably) and the studs seems more Western on these pair. I would definitely rather go for these pair just due to the fact it's so much cheaper and look more comfortable for everyday use! 

Chelsea boots will go with literally any outfit, and have became extremely popular. Ranging from huge platforms (the Topshop AGGRO) they are also suitable for everyday wear. You would think Topshop would have created a version for a cheaper price because of this, but unfortunately they are priced for a whopping £75. If you are willing to pay this price for long lasting fair enough, but everywhere is bringing out their own pair, including Primark, Amazon (£19.99) and Tesco (£18), you could definitely find another pair for much cheaper.

Only priced at £30, this boots will last you. A few people from uni have bought these and said themselves they've lasted so long in good condition, and I like this overall stud look on the boot. The heel isn't too high either so will keep your feet comfy all day everyday!

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