Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Benefit | They're Real! Mascara House Of Fraser / £18.50

After hearing raving reviews about this mascara, I was unsure if I ever wanted to spend over £10 on a mascara. There is so much hype about this product and received so many positive reviews; so during a trip to Amsterdam a few months back, I was willing to give it a try. As my first time using it, it was easy to apply and dries in quite quickly, however; I really did not like the mascara, infact it is possibly one of my least favourite mascaras. It left small splodges both on top and under my eyelids and was difficult to get off. As a result; it infact was extremely hard to get off - and I felt like I was ripping my eyelashes out to get it off. It made my lashes look like spider legs, and when I left the first layer to dry my lashes looked thin and felt clumpy when applying the second layer. I really dislike this mascara and was definitely not worth the ridiculous price! 

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  1. try it with a brush from a different mascara.I wasn't keen on this when I first got jt because I felt it just clumped mine right up too but it has definitely grown on me xx