Monday, 4 February 2013

Philip Kingsley: Handbag Heroes Kit Review

Other day, I had seen Philip Kingsley being featured on QVC. The only product I have ever bought from them was just a 1 litre of shampoo and conditioner; the shampoo was body building and the conditioner was moisture balancing. I thought they had worked wonders on my hair, but have never had the money to re-purchase it again. However, I agreed with my mum to split it half for this Handbag Heroes Kit (which also came with a small wooden brush - perfect for carrying about in your bag!) with a Weatherproof Hairspray, Maximizer and Daily Damage Defence each in 60ml bottles, and been using them for the past week!

Weatherproof Hairspray

This is ideal for pretty much anyone who stays in town with awful weather. Up here in Scotland, we get the worst wind (today especially, winds at 100mph!) and it gets very cold. Recently due to the winter weather my hair gets noticeably very dry, especially at the ends. This hairspray creates and maintains the shine in your hair, protecting it against the harsh weather. I've noticed even walking to work or university usually when I look in my bronzing mirror when I arrive my hair looks dry, however since using this, it has maintained slightly the moisture at the ends. 


I would say this product has gave me the best results out of the three. I love my Paul Mitchell Extra Daily Boost, but I would say this is even better. I tend to "oomph" (scrunch and lift my hair) when out and about to create volume, and when I do I can feel the volume in my roots. You can spray it just at the roots on damp hair, or centre and ends for overall volume. I didn't notice much difference spraying it all over, but definitely at the roots it created so much volume!

Daily Damage Defence

I can't fully review this product until another few weeks I guess. A basic history of my hair; it is very dry and dead. I've bleached my hair numerous times, dyed dark, then bleached, repeated this process 28364x. I'm trying to make my hair healthy again, I still want it light but in good condition; so my hair is currently a dark blonde. I am trying not to use heat tools as much as I can as well, and have been for a good trim. This is to protect and condition my hair - especially after drying. I can't really notice by feel and appearance of my hair, but I'm sure as my hair grows out I won't have as much split and dry ends as before.

Have you tried Philip Kingsley products before? 
How have they worked on your hair?

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