Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Ever Ours jewellery

Recently, I found a website (after a few blogs I follow had posted about it) called and had a flick through their products. I loved their jewellery, and for decent prices! I finally decided to order on Sunday night and they have just arrived in the post.

This ring is huuuuge, I love it! I love the marble and colour. The detail round the side of the ring is lovely as well, adding a vintage touch to it. What makes this ring also amazing is the fact it is adjustable (which more rings should have) so it means I don't have to worry about sizes (always a pain!) and you you can suit it to wear on whatever finger you want that day.

This necklace was much smaller than I thought it would be, it would be nicer if it was a little bit bigger. Even though spikes and skulls have been on trend for a while now - it's good to finally see a piece of jewellery that includes them both. I have seen Primark starting to adopt this (yet their gold looks very scabby) and there is a few necklaces in Topshop sale as well (but again, their gold looks very very cheap). It's not clear in the photos, but the gold spikes look so much better on this necklace than these other products out in the high stores!

Talking about gold, the gold in this again looks like it is worth more than a £1! Again, it's not that cheap looking gold, and this piece is bigger than I imagined it would be. However - it seems very tight on my fingers, so I would recommend that this is only suitable for small/medium fingers, as it is very hard to adjust.

This piece is so cute! It's so small, so it doesn't overpower all the other bracelets you may wear. Same again for the appearance relating to the gold - and would look lovely under/over a a big gold watch.

Overall, I am very pleased with my purchases. It came in a very cute "pick-n-mix" candy styled paper bag, with the necklace and bracelet placed seperately in a mini polly pocket. It shows they care about how their customers receive their products (even buying at a store - you buy multiple items of jewellery especially necklaces and bracelets and never consider placing them in seperate wee bags, resulting them getting tangled up and ruined by the time you have reached home!) and the delivery only took a few days. A site that must be checked out!

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  1. Wow, lovely stuff for amazing prices! I'll have to check this website out :) X

  2. Wow that's some lovely bargains x

  3. omg your jewellery collection from the store is super nice! I'm definitely checking out their products now :)
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