Friday, 25 January 2013

I apologize for barely posting this week! I have been busy with university and work and have had no time at all! 

Firstly I would like to start off with a huuuge huge thank you to Lauren @ loleihem for my fab giveaway prize! I was lucky enough to win the gorgeous Calvin Klein lipstick - I've worn it to university the past few days and I'm in love! It's suitable for both daytime and evening, all just in the one lipstick! I also won some fab Barry M products - glam lipgloss, dazzle dust and nail polish (which I will be wearing on my night out tomorrow night). And as a special surprise I received this gorrrrgeous amazing handmade necklace! Lauren must have spent so much time making this, I love the lil' key in the middle! It's so unusual, and whenever I wear it I just think to myself that no one else will have a necklace like this! Thank you very very much Lauren :) Everyone should check out her blog here :)

I also got paid today - which means a wee bit of shopping after university! I bought this Indian print swing dress for Urban Outfitters for £10! It's very different and I'm struggling to find party wear currently - the shops are mainly now filled with casual wear to convince everyone to buy everyday clothes for the new year, and if there is evening wear it all seems to be bodycon midi dresses, which I don't particularly suit! (anyone else think this?!)

I also bought this lovely spikey necklace from New Look for £5.39, I needed a new one after my eBay one broke. The white and gold will go with a lot of different clothes :)

I will also bought an amazing fur blazer tweed jacket that I will post about as soon as it arrives! :)

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  1. Love! The dress. It is very different :)

  2. This outfit is fu+king amazing! love it!!! <3

    If u have any free time, please check out my new blog. <3

  3. I'm loving the lip, very punchy!

    Steph // giveaway!! fun size beauty

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  5. I love your dress!

  6. such a cute outfit *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too<3


  7. Love the lipstick shade! :) x

  8. ahh so glad you like it all :D xxxx