Tuesday, 29 January 2013

eBay finds

I haven't been blogging as much as I have hoped over the past week, but today the weather was horrible (strong gales and heavy rain, usual in Scotland!) and travel was muddled up, so I decided to just stay in the house. I have bought quite a lot online recently, and excited for it to all come! The first few things that have came is this gorgeous tweed jacket with a faux fur collar, and this gold cross bracelet. 

1) Grey Tweed Boyfriend Coat with Black Faux Fur - Wallis (via eBay) / £39.99 (RRP £85)
It was love at first sight when I spotted this cheeky on eBay last week. I have been dying for a proper coat like this - something that will keep me warm in the cold, Scotland weather. Considering it was under £40, I bought it straight after my lecture on the Wednesday at 2pm, and came Thursday! The fur isn't as long as I hoped, however I own another faux fur collar so I will sew extra onto the bottom through to the inside slightly nearer the bottom.

2) Gold Cross Cuff Bracelet  - eBay / £2.50
After seeing this on the lovely Lily Melrose, I really wanted this bracelet. I couldn't find it however in any high stores - so I had to buy online. You can buy in either silver or gold, but I am such a sucker for Gold/Rose Gold so I bought this one! :)

My next post will be an Ever Ours review - I am just currently waiting on my purchases to arrive! :)

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  1. That coat is gorgeous, and you got it for such a good price! Lucky you!! X

  2. that coat is gorgeous i would have expected it to cost like £60 or more! and i love lily melrose too :)xx