Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Skint? Buy a whole outfit for under £15!

1) Turtle Neck Sleeveless Crop Top in "Wine" - eBay / £3.97 (incl. P+P)

2) Black Skater 'Full Circle' Skirt - eBay / £7.99 (incl. P+P)

3) Punk Spike Gold Necklace - eBay / £2.68 (incl. P+P)

If you are like me and hopelessly mad out of money - yet have your Christmas night out, whither it be with your friends or work, eBay is here to help! If you're thinking "these are probably bids" or, "they're probably used; why on Earth would I buy these" you are wrong. Many people go unnoticed that many small businesses (and favorable businesses) have their online shop on eBay - which make their products brand new; so don't be fooled! With a five week this month and an overdraft emergency, I have been trying to aim for the lowest priced products as I can. I am in love with this outfit - it's very Christmassy and also suitable if you're looking for fancy casual!

1) This turtle neck is perfect - it only arrived this morning! For people who feel slightly uncomfortable with their top halves, it's so suitable as it is stretchy, so you won't get that tight look on the underarms. It's more flattering on than I thought and would match up with a strapless bra.

2) This is the cutest skirt imaginable; it's very Zooey Deschanel. I am in love with these skirts currently, they look cute matched up with a plain jersey white band logo t-shirt with chelsea boots and a heavy gold 80's styled chain, or on a night out with this crop top! It's flattering for all body types as well.

3) This season is complete and utter spike hype - and I have fallen for this gold necklace. It looks perfect with this going out look, or even with a acid wash top or jumper with jeans for a casual day look at college/uni! 
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  1. seriously love this outfit, its gorge!
    great blog lovely :)