Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hello! Basically I've been convinced to make a blog of all my bargain purchases as I am always questioned to where I get them! For my first post I thought I would just do a 2012 overview of special purchases that I've bought for so cheap, yet received so many compliments on them! 

1) Flat Spike Diamond Casual Loafers - eBay / £20.98 (inc. P+P)

2) Black PU Tote Bag - eBay / £14.96 (inc. P+P)

1) For summer 2012 - it was all about the spikey flats. Topshop released their version in June and they sold out quite fast. Without even looking at them, I knew they were going to be made from thin material after hearing they were £32. My best friend bought them and a few work colleagues also - but all of them had complained constantly that their feet got wet easily/they were falling apart, so I decided to find another pair as no other high street stores hadn't brought them out yet. I bought these shoes late July on eBay - and I have never received so many compliments ever on a pair of shoes! These don't look exactly like mine, (as I have more spikes and they're silver) however compared to the Topshop version they have lasted way, way much longer. Surprisingly, come now late November they only thing that has happened to them is a few of the little diamonds have fallen off! The sole and material is thick to prevent your feet getting wet and also protecting your feet. Topshop's flat seem to have this thin slipper feel hence why I rarely ever purchase their shoes, but  many people ask how much they were (including a slightly drunk girl asking if they were designer), and for under £21 these are perfect! Also -  House Of Fraser are selling these similar for a whopping £140!

2) Sitting in the tea room in work, I decided to switch watching from Sex In The City to a Gossip Girl dvd. I will admit I had never seen it before, but after watching Blake Lively sport this simple yet classy looking bag I had to get one! Since then they have been popping up everywhere! I looked up the beautiful PU tote bag and seen only the classic Zara tote bag - which, priced at £49.99 I wasn't up for paying that much as I was skint that month! However, a new bag was needed for my first year at University, so I searched on eBay to find numerous ones but only from Hong Kong (that were super cheap - to buy was £5 but £5 for delivery that would take about a year to arrive) but I managed to find one seller from London. For under £20 I was very happy with the bag! The gold buckles on the handles with cut out grips just make this bag gorg. It's perfect for fitting your laptop, books, etc and comes with a longer handle so your wrists don't get sore, and one of my good friends from university, Mhairi, also bought this exact same bag!

Another item that I purchased in June (that I can't locate a clear picture of anymore) is the classic disco pants. They are now everywhere, however - back then the only stockists were American Apparel. For a very expensive price tag of £70, I was determined to search for a more reasonable priced pair. A few sellers had them active but were only selling them in purple or crazy light blue, but after contacting one they had one pair left that a customer had refunded, priced at £14.99! After working at Debenhams for a month, one of my work colleagues couldn't believe the price I paid for both these and my spikey shoes (and also suggested I start up a blog!) and also bought a pair few weeks later.

Unfortunately, all these items are no longer listed but there are similar items for the same price on eBay! 

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  1. I love the loafers! they're so cute, hope they're still on e-bay so i can purchase them!

    oh, and following! xx

  2. The loafers are so DOPE! :D