Monday, 8 April 2013

primark earrings //  forever 21 rose gold hoops // mk 8077 watch* // above knuckle silver band ring x2

alpha h liquid gold // toni&guy glamour volume whip // tresemme platinum strength shampoo + deep conditioning treatment

primark studded flats // primark smart trousers // snakeskin doctor style bag

This is literally just some of the stuff I have bought over the past month or so. I needed new earrings so I popped along to forever 21 and primark before uni one day and bought these two. As mentioned before on my blog; I received the Michael Kors watch for my birthday (a post about it here). The rings are from the lovely Love Hearts and Crosses - my new favourite online jewellery store! All the pieces on it are beautiful; and for amazing prices! I've wanted above-the-knuckle rings for ages after ASOS sold out of their cuff gold rings.

I finally bought the Alpha H liquid gold treatment in 200ml size after hearing the raving reviews about it.  I also purchased a couple of Tresemme's Platinum Strength range after Zoe Ldn said that she used it on her hair. My Philip Kingsley Maximiser is running out soon so I stocked up on my volumising products - and bought the Toni&Guy glamour volume whip in Boots.

I've seen a lot of smart trousers becoming popular recently; I only have another pair from Primark that are black lace but have never worn them. I seen these in Primark and had to buy them; I'm also going back in soon to buy a pair with the dogtooth pattern and another from H&M that are paisley print - similar to the pair Florence Welch wore with a clashing blouse at the Venice Film Festival. My spikey flats HAD to get thrown in the bin as they were falling apart, so I bought just a cheap Primark pair. 

I absolutely LOVE my new snakeskin doctor style bag! I like my Zara tote shopper, but I wanted a different bag that can be used for going out, but can fit all my sleepover stuff in as well if I'm away from home. This is perfect - I kept all my toiletries and next day clothes out the other night and it still looked like a going out bag; it's amazing!

let me know about your recent purchases too!

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  1. I have those Primark studded flats and the trousers are gorgeous- loving Primark at the moment. I've also purchased a few things from the Tresemme Platinum Strength range and think its really good! So jealous of your Michael Kors too, I'm after one for my 21st! Thanks for commenting on my blog hun, I'm not following :)


    1. ah i'm so excited to try it out! aww all the MK watches are amazing! :)

      no bother love :)

      amy x

  2. Nice haul, love the triangle earrings! xx

  3. I really like the triangle earrings darling!
    And this is a nice bag you've got :)


  4. Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even on Lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3