Monday, 15 April 2013

I thought I would write a super quick DIY tutorial on how to transform your jewellery. I am currently writing this at the speed of light as I am rushing to work! I was in shopping today; and ran quickly into Primark. This gorg necklace was sitting in the reduced section for a £1, so I just decided to purchase it on a whim! I took it home and realise I didn't particulary like the colour of it - so I just grabbed my nail polish and painted over it! It's so easy and quick.

You should use a polish that you wouldn't mind buying another of (depending on how much you actually need) as this actually took a great heap from the pot. You should also consider using nail polish with a decent brush, especially when painting near the edges - you don't want to go over any other part of the necklace. If not, use an old paintbrush.

Any chance you do happen to go over any edges; make sure you have a tissue/cotton wool pad dipped in nail varnish remover ready to quickly wipe it up.

And voila! A whole entirely new necklace. I will paint over another layer tonight fixing the edges and you can still see some on the neon pink. You can do this to any type of jewellery, and you can change the colour as well!

Please excuse the lightness on the photos - it is dark outside today and my photoshop isn't being very helpful today, so I thought I would try something new and include some gifs! Tell me what you think!

*note: I used Maybelline Color Show in 342 Coral Craze

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