Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Hair Growth + My Hair Story

Just really briefly before I run back out the door again to go to uni, I thought I would write about hair growth. I used to be obsessed with growing my hair couple years back (I was even tempted to buy horse shampoo to see if it would work, ha!) - after having my hair cut dreadfully short, and appeared as if rats had been sooking the ends of it! For a lot of you - we all want that desired long, healthy shiny hair. I will tell you right now - everyone is different. Maybe these products work incredibly well for you, but if not, don't worry. For me, nothing makes your hair grow fast - but the only way is to keep it healthy. Protect those split ends, try not to dye your hair, and eat a healthy diet is all that it takes. However, these might help speed up the process slightly. What I have found though is that instead these make your hair thicker - not grow faster.

Hair grows from your roots - not your ends. This is why mainly I have found to grow your hair, you must protect your ends. No dying (especially highlighting or OMBRE hair!) and getting it cut regularly.

Here I will review some of the products I have previously tried, before finally mentioning my main ultimate tip to hair growth.

1) Holland & Barrett's Skin, Hair & Nails Formula

These are amazing. I really should buy these again, what is also good is H&B always have a penny sale (buy 1, get another for a penny!) Hair wise, it just made it thicker. As you progress, your hair becomes noticeably shinier too! It didn't really do anything to my skin, but the biggest improvement was my nails. My nails snap CONSTANTLY and I mean constantly. They are very weak, but with this right until my last tablet, they never, ever snapped. They grew so long, but as soon as I stopped taking them they started to snap again.

2) Lee Stafford "For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length" hair treatment

This also, just made my hair thicker. A treatment in which you apply to your hair between shampoo and conditioner and leave in for a couple of minutes before rinsing. This just conditions your hair more, really. It's just like using a conditioner 2x after shampooing. This protects your ends from snapping, and making your hair grow.

3) Nisim "Fast" Shampoo & Conditioner

I bought this pack a couple years ago after a girl on Tumblr had blogged about it. It costs £20 for both on Amazon, and I would say a big hint for all of you who purchase this, CONDITION WELL! The shampoo dries out your hair something awful - you can even feel it after rinsing. The conditioner fixes this problem slighty - however I would use another conditioner of leave it on for longer after use. It made my hair very thick and volumised, but dried it out.

My hair story is just the usual - bleach, dye, dark, brown, blonde, brown, blonde, highlights, etc. My 'scene/emo' self managed to get my hair to the point it got this hideously bad as seen in the horrendous photo of my 15/16 year old self. I had ombred my hair whilst it was short, I washed it and straightened it everyday. I honestly never thought it would be long again.

So I decided to completely transform my hair routine drastically. You know what is best? 
Have a hair detox for as long as you can.  And what I mean by that is the following:

1) Try not to dye your hair. This dries out your hair and snaps your ends which you do not want. Don't highlight or bleach your hair. 

I dyed my hair a very dark brown so it matches with my roots and didn't have to dye it frquently.

2) Cut down on heat tools massively. These harm your hair (especially your ends!) and makes them snap off.

The only heat tool I used was the hairdryer and was on cool for 10 minutes. I just let half of my hair dry by itself afterwards.

3) I didn't get mine regularly cut - I just protected my ends. I get mine cut every 6 months instead of 6 weeks - but I condition my ends very well, constant treatment, constant heatproof spray and conditioning spray.

4) Don't wash it as often. Let your hair get the natural oils it needs - washing your hair dries it out and makes it very sensitive and fragile, especially if your brush your hair a lot. Try living off an extra day or two with some dry shampoo or conditioner, I recommend Girlz Only.

I stuck to these rules for a good year and a half and honestly - the massive and what I thought was once impossible change in my hair. My hair is incredibly healthy again and is less greasy - and has grown a massive length since then.

Just protect your hair!

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